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Gratitude, Growth, and Grand Visions for Black Friday

(Yes, there’s a coupon, lol.)

By: Lisa Hurley

Happy Black Friday and happy day-after-Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the brand, I took time yesterday to exhale. I did absolutely nothing. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (because who is giving thanks for the historical facts behind the holiday??), but I do take the opportunity to unplug from the matrix; to #DivestAndRest.

Attitude of Gratitude

I also take the time to remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. It’s easy to get caught up in a “lack” mindset, but when you do a deeper dive into your life, you’ll probably find that more things are working in your favor than you think.

Here, in no particular order, are a few things that I’m grateful for:

  • Life

  • Love

  • Naps

  • Books

  • Laughter

  • Sunshine

  • My senses

  • Food, water, shelter

  • My family and friends

  • My “village” and support system

  • The ability to express my creativity

  • Health (it’s not perfect, but it’s good)

  • God, the Universe, the angels, and all beings of light

  • Every single member of The Great Exhale community

The Beauty of Growth

Latrice Torres, my sister-friend and the Executive Director of The Great Exhale, is always encouraging me to think bigger. And I know that this is partly why the community and company are rapidly evolving in wonderful ways. Is it a LOT? Absolutely. Latrice and I have seemingly never ending to do lists, but we’re also very skilled at prioritizing. And the top priorities are: How do we fulfill the mission? How do we best serve our community? How do we expand the vision? How do we grow?

Another priority, related to having a spirit of gratitude, is taking time to celebrate our wins. Entrepreneurship is hard, and can be lonely, so you have to make time to clap for yourself and pat yourself on the back. So far this year we have:

There’s much, much more, but those are the highlights. Thanks and praises to the Most High.

Grand Visions For Black Friday

Speaking of highlights, a MAJOR one for me is participating in Black Friday as a retailer for the very first time!! As a new entrepreneur, this is a very cool moment! 😊💚🛒🙌🏾🎉 It’s actually kind of surreal.

For those of you who don't know: we have an online store with lots of cool merch. Now of course we've already blessed our community sistas with a juicy members-only coupon, because they're awesome 😍💚, but we wanted to make sure that everybody got a chance to experience some of the wonderfulness as well. There’s everything from T-shirts, hats, and a super-warm sherpa-lined denim jacket, to mugs, glassware, and a cool tote bag. Of course, it wouldn’t be Black Friday without a coupon, so we’ve got one for you.

To kick off Black Friday (aka Black-Owned Friday) we're offering you $10 off one merch item, which is good between now and Cyber Monday. Use the code BLKFRI10OFF at checkout. The coupon expires at 11:59 PM EST on 11/27.

If you're purchasing gifts and you need to get them in time for the holidays, here are the shipping deadlines to keep in mind:

✅ Shipping from the US: Order by December 10

✅ Shipping from outside the US: Order by November 24

My grand vision for Black Friday is to have lots of happy customers, more importantly lots of REPEAT customers, and many many more years of success. Happy shopping!! #AddToCart 😊💚🛒


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