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It's Time To "Get Yo' Money!" TGE's First Masterclass Is Here.

By: The Great Exhale

Our first masterclass is on November 30, and surprise surprise, it’s titled “Get Yo Money!” If you’ve been following our Founder Lisa Hurley on LinkedIn, then you already know that one of her mantras is #FreeIsCancelled.

Exposure and “title-change-only” promotions don’t pay the bills, so Lisa and our Executive Director Latrice Torres will be sharing secrets about how to increase your comp. After all, part of #TheGreatExhale is being able to exhale financially.

Q4 is almost over, so if you're serious about having a prosperous New Year - and beyond - then get your tickets today.

In our Get Yo’ Money masterclass, you will learn the 7 steps to having compensation conversations confidently—and successfully.

The 90-minute masterclass is for you if:

  • You have struggled with getting raises in the past

  • You have secured raises…but only the bare minimum

  • You know your worth…but struggle to communicate it effectively

  • You are ready to secure all the bags…so you can start exhaling financially

Get your tickets today, and prepare to receive the knowledge you need to level up your TOTAL compensation.

As a reminder, our Masterclasses are offered as follows:

  • For current TGE Cleansing Breath members there's no cost. All masterclasses are included in your membership fee.

  • For current TGE Deep Breath members, the masterclass is $100—or you can upgrade to the Cleansing Breath membership.

  • For non-members, the masterclass is $150.

If you have any questions about the masterclass, feel free to email us at

See you on November 30!

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