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The Great Exhale™ Won Two Muse Awards!

By Lisa Hurley

In collaboration with Rose-Ann Reynolds, Creative Director of RoseReynolds&Co, The Great Exhale won not one but TWO Silver Muse Awards!!

We won in the following categories:

Thanks to the MUSE Awards for this honor!!

This is what successful collaboration looks like. This is what #BlackExcellence looks like. This is what betting on yourself looks like.

Big ups and congratulations to Rose, the visionary designer behind our updated logo and visual brand language. I can’t say enough about her talent. In my other life outside of The Great Exhale, I'm a career creative. From an insider's perspective I've seen, and been a part of creating, a LOT of brand identities. As soon as I saw the logo that Rose designed, I knew that it was award worthy.

Rose and I actually worked together years ago, and waaaayyyyy back then I made a promise to myself that if I ever got the chance to hire her for a project, I would. Her talent and brilliance were unmistakable. Fast forward to now, and I hired her to create the logo and brand identity for The Great Exhale. She knocked the project all the way out of the park–as expected. 💚🙌🏾👑

Big ups and congratulations also to Latrice Torres, SHRM-SCP, our Executive Director. I have waxed poetic about her many many times, so I won’t repeat it all here, except to say that she deserves allllll the flowers. All of them. She is a one-woman steering committee, and I love it. 💐💚

We got the news on October 19 – our 4-month anniversary! What an epic way to celebrate!! Here's to teamwork making the dream work!

About The Muse Awards

The MUSE Creative Awards, established in 2015 by the International Awards Associate (IAA) as part of the MUSE Awards Program, celebrates and honors excellence and innovation in creative design, advertising, and digital media. IAA was founded with a mission not only to honor and promote but also to redefine benchmarks for recognizing exceptional design and media contributions. This mission has been central in molding the ethos and aspirations of the MUSE Creative Awards.

Spanning a diverse range of categories, the MUSE Creative Awards recognizes the best achievements from advertising to digital media, as well as in marketing strategies and PR communications. Entrants from all corners of the world participate, showcasing creative advertising, design, and campaigns that inspire and set new benchmarks in the industry.


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