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Support a Black Woman

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The Great Exhale™, is a private, paid community of Black women. If you are a Black woman, you are welcome to join us at any time.

Memberships start at $40 a month. And sis, if you need help convincing your leader(s) to sponsor you, we got you!

Download these scripts to help you have that conversation.

If you would like to sponsor a Black woman by paying for her membership, please explore the options below.

Gift The Great Exhale™


Our sponsorship program allows individuals to support Black women who may not otherwise have access to our community, events, and resources. By sponsoring a Black woman, you are not only giving her the opportunity to grow and develop, but also investing in the future of an entire community.


Anyone can support a Black woman with a membership to The Great Exhale for a duration of 3, 6, or 12 months. 


Your sponsorship only covers the membership fee which provides access to all active spaces within the community, ongoing support from the community members and hosts, and invitations to activities and events. 



Fill out the Sponsor Now form and provide the information for the Black woman you wish to sponsor. You will receive redemption instructions and next steps in your confirmation.

Sponsor Now

Provide YOUR Information

If you wish to sponsor multiple women, please submit each person individually by completing your submission and payment, before refreshing the form to submit the next individual. Thank you for considering this option and for being a part of our movement.

The Cleansing Breath membership includes access to all spaces and content/resources within them, the monthly community live event, and complimentary access to quarterly Masterclasses.

Select a membership level and timeframe

Thanks for submitting!


Corporate sponsorships are at least one year in duration at $800 per membership and includes everything in our highest offered tier, plus additional quarterly professional development activities.

​Interested in sponsoring a Black woman by paying for her membership? Get started with a 30-minute Discovery Call to learn more!

4 Ways Sponsorship Aligns to Your Business & People Priorities


Employee Engagement 

If you're seeking to comprehend and articulate the relationship dynamics between you and your Black female employees, qualitative and quantitative analyses are essential. Engagement goes beyond an appreciation of the work; it should also inspire proactive measures that benefit your company's interests and reputation. As engagement issues with Black women persist, this approach provides a measurable way to boost your scores.


Workplace Wellness 

Despite facing similar struggles as their White counterparts, Black women must also confront issues of racial bias. The Great Exhale™ community was established to address work-related stressors that affect Black women's lives and provide a safe space to discuss coping mechanisms in a peer-group format. While it may seem simple, we stand by the data that having a sense of community positively impacts mental wellness. Our community shares the same objectives as your EAP, providing a safe space to overcome personal and workplace challenges.

Talent Management Strategy 

Education alone won't suffice for impactful talent strategy. According to talent professionals, Exposure and Experience are essential components for optimal development. Yet, organizations tend to invest time and money in courses and workshops. Our community takes a different approach by actively engaging in peer and SME interactions to foster learning and growth. We empower our ladies to take control of their professional and personal development, leading to employees who are better equipped to own their professional presence.


Onboarding & Retention 

Have you ever considered incorporating talk tracks about investing in the engagement, wellness, and growth of Black women into your company’s Employer Value Proposition? Imagine if your organization made an ongoing commitment to sponsor Black women in The Great Exhale™ as a part of its onboarding program. The positive impact on your attrition rate within the first 90 days would be significant. For existing employees, this would demonstrate your commitment to action and foster a stronger desire to remain with the company and be actively engaged.

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