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Support a Black Woman

We offer individuals and companies the opportunity to gift or sponsor memberships to The Great Exhale. Explore the options below.

Gift The Great Exhale™

~individual gifts~

Some women may not have the means to access our community, events, and resources—but you can help. Gift a Black woman (or a few!) with membership to The Great Exhale. 


You'll be not only giving her the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, but also investing in the future of an entire community.

Anyone can support a Black woman with a membership to The Great Exhale

for a duration of 3, 6, or 12 months. 

To get started, just fill out the form below.

Get Started

Provide Your Information

If you wish to gift multiple women with memberships, please submit each person individually by completing your submission and payment, before refreshing the form to submit the next individual.


Thank you for considering this option and for being a part of our movement.

The Cleansing Breath membership includes access to all spaces and content/resources within them, the monthly community live event, and complimentary access to quarterly Masterclasses.

Select a membership level and timeframe

Thanks for submitting!

Sponsor Memberships to The Great Exhale

~corporate sponsorships~

Ready to empower and support the Black women in your organization? Offering corporate memberships to The Great Exhale is a good place to start. 


The Great Exhale is a strategic partner to companies who are committed to improving their hiring and retention. If you’re a company who is ready to:

✅ Increase employee engagement
✅ Enhance the onboarding experience
✅ Reduce attrition and turnover
✅ Promote workplace wellness
✅ Diversify your talent pipeline

✅ Enrich your EAP offerings

Book a discovery call today, or email us at

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