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Black Spaces Matter

By: Lisa Hurley

Honored that The Great Exhale™ was mentioned in Sharon's Anti-Racism Newsletter today. It is good to be seen, and it has special resonance when the person seeing you has known you from birth. 🥹 Sharon Hurley Hall (aka my big sis) is one of the people I most look up to in the world, so getting "signoff" from her means a lot. 😊🙌🏾 That this happened during #BlackBusinessMonth makes it even sweeter.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Of late, I’ve noticed that many Black people are no longer trying to get into spaces that weren’t made for them - they’re creating their own. I’ve talked recently about a couple of DEI spaces, and my sister Lisa has founded The Great Exhale. I’ve seen many other spaces surfacing.
The ability to be fully yourself without pretence and without hyper-vigilance is a gift."

Folks, you already know how I move, so you know what I'm about to say:

  1. Read the full article here, and

  2. Head over to Sharon's Anti-Racism Newsletter and subscribe. And by subscribe, I mean get a paid subscription. #FreeIsCancelled

Love & Light,



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