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🎉 Happy 1-Month Anniversary To Us!

By: Lisa Hurley

The Great Exhale™ is 30 days old, and we're feeling very fancy, 💅🏾 It’s looking like growth, sisterhood, and success!

We're Growing Up And Glowing Up

In the runup to our Juneteenth launch day show (co-hosted by our Founder Lisa Hurley and our Executive Director Latrice Torres), and since that day, it’s been a season of big wins for The Great Exhale, and we’re grateful! Here’s what we’re celebrating so far:

🤎 Raised $50K+ in pre-seed funding 2 months

🤎 Featured on the GoFundMe Black Joy page

🤎 Grew our LinkedIn page to 10K+ followers in 2 months

🤎 Featured in not one, but two 2 PR Newswire/Cision roundups

🤎 Press release picked up by Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, and more

🤎 Launched TGE on Juneteenth, and close to 600 people attended our live show

🤎 Brought on the phenomenal Latrice Torres as our Executive Director, People & Culture. Best. Decision. Ever.

🤎 Most importantly we launched the TGE community, and the vibes are vibing!🙏🏾 🤎 🙌🏾 It's so fulfilling to see all the melanated amazingness, all the love, all the collective support in action daily. Wow 🤎🥹🙏🏾

We’re Feeling The Love

One of our love languages is words of affirmation, so it's been especially rewarding to receive all the positive feedback and messages of support. Here’s what some of our members are saying:

Any entrepreneur will tell you that the journey is definitely not linear; that's to be expected. But moments like this are to be expected as well. It's a good day, and I'm taking the win. 👑

Thanks again to you all, and an extra-special shoutout to Latrice Torres who has shown up fully and excellently in all the ways.

With love,



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